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. close to 10:00. she wants to know if this goes against some sort of guidelines or protocol. >> the u.s. census bureau gave us this answer. it surveys americans even during years when there's not a door to door census. representatives for the census are trained to contact respondent when they're most likely to be home which does include evenings and weekends. all of the training doesn't specifically instruct the reps not to call or visit after 9:00 p.m. the telephone centers outbound call system does prevent them from calling respondent after 9:00 unless the respondent specifically requests a call after that time. consumers have a question about the census, they are encouraged to call in 800-354-7271. so basically, they're not supposed to, but they can. if you have questions to consider for ask liz, put it to ask connect with me on twitter. on facebook searching liz crenshaw's consumer watch. coming up at 5:00, what happened to the pre-printed gear made for the team that loses the super bowl. where can you recycle an old vacuum cleaner and what happens behind the
adopting children as retaliation for u.s. sanctions and political issues. last month judges ruled the adoptions could continue. despite fears of more delays, the families can return home can their new children. at the live desk, i'm keith russell. glue and the grammy goes to. babel. >> mumford and sons takes home the album of the year. for somebody that i used to know, and pop rock's fun got best new artist and song of the year. they kept coming up and up on stage a lot. >>> they sure did. the ratings are in. last night's broadcast got the second highest ratings in a decade. >> joining us with a look at some of the highlights billy, rihanna, she performed twice last night. a lot of folks are talking about her cozying up with chris brunell last night. >> yeah, well, it was four years ago to the day, well, the night before the grammys in 2009, where rihanna didn't make it to the show because she was beaten pretty severely. it's uncomfortable for something watching them could noodling away. the interview on the carpet, and it was not even brought up. there they were, back in love. th
: the headline could be the obama announcement that he will bring home 34,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan but he will warn the military could be hurt by spending cuts march 1. the sequester. outside the capitol union members protested the automatic cuts that will also hit social servic services. preventing sequester cuts calls for a deal on taxes and spending the president is called for in previous state of the union speeches. there's still no agreement. >> we had a spending debt crisis. not a receive knew debt crisis. you have to make the right diagnosis. >> reporter: the obama prescription is to spend more and put americans back to work and pay for that by higher taxes on the wealthy. the liberal agenda he laid out at his inaugural and angering republicans. >> saying things that position him on the far left of the political spectrum is not a great way to achieve accomplishments out of divided government. >> reporter: the president will push measures to stop gun violence. like the shooting death of 15-year-old pendleton in january in chicago. >> her murder is heartbreaking. >> reporter: her mot
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3